•A high pressure system that remains in the business, eliminating interruption to business operations and customer fulfillment.

•Designed to eliminate swapping high pressure cylinders or replace low pressure cryogenic systems.

•Our proprietary system can be custom tailored to meet the needs of both small and large venues.

•Enables on-site filling of the system through an outside fill box 24/7.


•Connects multiple high pressure rated CO2 cylinders to create CO2 bulk storage systems.

•Enables on-site filling of a CO2 bulk storage system through an outside fill box without interruption to business operations.

•Eliminates time required by venue or service personnel because changing of cylinders is no longer required.

•Create a totally enclosed system which reduces the possibility of impurities being introduced and eliminates venting.

•Superior to other high or low pressure CO2 bulk storage systems.

•Provides up to 15 CFM at 100 PSI.

•Unit has a long life span with only minimal wear parts that are easily replaceable by Green CO2 Systems’ technicians.

•Physical Gauges for basic product level indications

•Compact in size and mounts directly to cylinder system


•Allows Green CO2 Systems to monitor their customers CO2 & N2 levels remotely
•Customizable notifications
•Customer can gain access via mobile app
•Information is transmitted through wireless technology


•Adjustable settings at 50 ppm increments ranging from 700 ppm to 2000 ppm
•Has OFF setting for harvesting times
•Built in photocell that comes on with your light schedule and turns off when the room goes dark
•Installed at Canopy (Foliage) Height to allow for accurate readings at the appropriate enrichment height
•Real time PPM level readings on Mk9 Central Unit
•Maintains PPM levels within +/- 40 ppms of desired set point
•UL Listed

TruFusion Blender

  • Designed to satisfy all the needs of the beer dispensing process without the need of electricity in the wall, ongoing maintenance, or adjustments.
  • Features included as standard; high flow output, flow indicating regulators with gauges, secondary inlet regulators and shut-off valves. Individual blends can be pre-set to meet the customer’s CO2 needs. Accuracy of +-2% or better maintained.
  • TruFusion Blender can be paired with Green CO2 Systems straight nitrogen cylinders or generator depending on customer usage.
  • Built in shut off valve stops all gas flow if either CO2 of N2 should stop assuring the quality of customers’ product and accuracy offering the perfect blend.
  • Very economical and convenient source of mixed gas due to no interruptions to services.


•From a clean compressed air supply, the system utilizes gas membrane technology to produce high purity food grade nitrogen. This is then combined with our TruFusion blender to blend N2 and CO2 to provide any predetermined gas mix.
•Mixes nitrogen produced with CO2 from a gas cylinder.
•This high output generator comes in three sizes to accommodate any size of bar,
restaurant or brewery and includes a 25 gal storage vessel.
•Tailored to meet the beer dispensing requirements of the licensed trade, the system can also be cost-effective in other applications such as pouring nitro coffee, mixed atmosphere packaging inert gas blanketing, and photographic laboratories.


•Parts Per Million (PPM) sensor with display that measures the amount of
CO2 in the atmosphere
•Monitors CO2 Levels for Life Safety purposes and shuts off the primary system
when dangerous CO2 PPM levels are detected. This market-leading feature ensures a safe working environment for your employees
•Paired with strobe lights and audible horn, alerting when high levels of CO2 are
present (5000 PPM)
•UL-Listed and Approved


•Displays CO2 % and PPM-TWA readings on screen
•Displays real time PPM levels at canopy height
•Displays CO2 PPM levels in each room outside of enriched rooms
•Controls up to 12 MK9 CO2 Sensors
•Can be paired with Sniffer Mod-bus for reading access on PC’s
•UL-Listed and Approved

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