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Enriching over 1,800,000 square feet of cultivation daily

100,000 beverages carbonated daily

53,296 Solutions Installed

pH balancing 9.1 million gallons of pool water daily

Bars & Restaurants
30%Increase in profits seen in 1st year
45%Increase in profits seen in 1st year
Convenience Stores
22%Increase in profits seen in 1st year
Indoor Cultivation & Extraction Facilities
51%Increase in profits seen in 1st year
Commerical Swimming Pools
28%Increase in profits seen in 1st year


Green CO2 Systems’ safety and storage solutions also work with most cannabis extraction technology. With the countrywide legalization of hemp and CBD oils, the extraction industry is thriving and Green CO2 Systems can provide extractors with a reliable carbon dioxide source and safe, compliant working environment.


Indoor cultivation & extraction facility owners know how important it is to have a dependable and reliable CO2 supplier. They know that the addition of CO2 to their growing produces increase in their yields by a minimum of 20% and as high as 50%, which means more money in their pockets!


From obtaining the required permits to installing an approved alarm system, we fully understand your needs and can help you save valuable time and precious resources.


Using our industry leading technology, we’ve set new safety and efficiency standards in Colorado by providing an A-to-Z CO2 solution. With our 24/7 external fill capabilities, there is no need for us to come into your cultivation facility anytime during the grow process. Speak with one of our Account Managers and get a Free CO2 Assessment.

Systems for Indoor Cultivation & Extraction Facilities

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